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Citizen Information
Information Every Citizen Should Know

There are certain things that every citizen wants to know and should know about elections, voting, candidates, government officials and government meetings. The Citizen Information links above will lead you to useful information on these topics.

The section on Candidate Forums describes public forums the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Rapids Area conducts to give candidates, running for various offices, an opportunity to express their views. These forums also give the general public an opportunity to question the candidate and voice their concerns.

Voting Information topics cover such things as Election Dates, Voter Registration, Qualifications for Voting, Absentee Ballots and Where to Vote.

The Contacting Officials section gives address and phone numbers for local, state and federal officials so you may readily contact them with your concerns or desires.

The Open Meetings Law is a compilation of the open meeting law the local League created to make it's members and the general public more fully aware of this law and it's applicability. There is sometimes much confusion regarding this law. There is confusion over when the law applies and when it doesn't, as well as to whom it applies to and to whom it doesn't apply. Hopefully this information will help eliminate this confusion.

The Running for Office section deals with a very useful and informatative booklet on "How and Why to Run for Elected Office". It is something that every citizen should become familar with.

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