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Contacting Officials

Our elected and appointed government officials should be in office to serve us, the people of this great nation. For them to fulfill this task in a timely and satisfactory manner, it is essential that they know and understand our viewpoints and aspirations. It is our obligation to keep them informed on how we feel about the actions and policies they are capable of influencing and controlling. Your input after elections, as well as your vote during elections, can make a difference in the actions of our government officials.

It is the duty of these officials be accessible to us and they are accessible. There are numerous ways in which they may be contacted. These can include personal contact, phone calls, letters, e-mails, and petitions.

Perhaps the best way to keep updated on the information you need for making such contacts is to visit government web sites that specialize in such information. Several such sites useful for this purpose are:

City of Wisconsin Rapids For Wisconsin Rapids officials and aldermen

Office of Wood County Clerk For County officials and Board Supervisors (The county clerk can also be contacted to obtain any contact information you may desire for town and village officials)

Wisconsin Government Accountability Board This board enforces election, ethics, lobbing and campaign laws vigorously. Their website is the best source of information about the activities and finances of candidates for public office in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin State Legislature This is an excellent site for searching out the names of your state officials, as well as their addresses, phone numbers and e-mail contact information.

United States Senate and United States House of Representatives For information on National Legislatures.

The White House For contacting the US president

It should be noted that the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune also periodically publishes a listing of the addresses of our public officials.

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