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League Activities
Environment Issues

Our local chapter of The League of Women Voters has been involved in studies and actions on environmental issues since 1973 when they began studies on a proposed nuclear power plant for our area. Through the years our studies have expanded to include a variety of environmental issues.

Power Plants
In 1973 we began a study of a proposed nuclear power plant for our area. We recognized the increasing demand for electric power, but in order to protect the quality of life to the greatest extent support strict regulations and continuing research regarding nuclear power plants and their byproducts, opportunity for public input regarding plant siting, and research into other energy sources.

The utility company subsequently decided to abandon their plans for a Rudolph nuclear power plant.

power plant

On November 27, 2007 another local study committee presented their final report on the effects of a coal plant. During the course of the two year study the group investigated a description of a coal plant being proposed by Wisconsin Public Service, the major pollutants emitted, pollution control technology, laws regulating coal plants and possible social and economic effects it would have on the community. The final report is available for our Local League to use as a reference for any future action that is taken. Our State also has completed a study on energy which can be used as a base for action.

Land Use
In 1976 we began studies on Land Use and encouraged citizen participation in land use decisions. We supported comprehensive land use planing for all local levels of government and we supported the county efforts to insure proper disposal of sanitary waste materials.

We continue our interest in this area and cosponsored a Wetlands Workshop in 2000 with the Wisconsin Wetlands Association and the Wisconsin Association of Lakes.

Waste Disposal
Cleaning Up We studied the various methods available for garbage disposal; land fills, incinerators, composting etc. These studies were mainly for the purpose of obtaining a background for the various disposal methods that might come up for consideration at a future date.

Our local League sponsored meetings of town, village and county officials to discuss and encourage a cooperative effort to most effectively accomplish state mandated recycling.

We are currently pursuing work in this area as part of the Recycling/ Green Movement Cluster of the Community Progress Initiative.

Private Sewage Systems in Wood County
We studied private sewage systems in Wood County and continued for several years. We studied ordinances, compliance problems and the environmental effects of non-compliance.

Adopt-A-Highway Program
We participated in Adopt-A-Highway Program since 1996 by cleaning a two mile stretch of County Highway U (80th Street).

Furthering Sustainability in Our Community
Our local League is working with Citizens for a Clean, Green and Welcoming Community; and Express Recycling (a local business) to further sustainability in our community.

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