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Candidate Forums

February, 2008 Candidate Forum      League Moderator and Candidates for Wisconsin District 4 Alderman at February, 2008 Forum. The League conducts Candidate Forums for elective offices every election year.

March, 2008 Candidate Forum
     Preliminary arrangements and seating preparations for some of the candidates at the March, 2008 County Supervisor Forum. Downsizing the Wood County Board resulted in more contested districts and consequently more candidates than usual.

March, 2008 Candidate Forum      Three of the County Board Supervisor Candidates at the March, 2008 Forum. Candidates Forums are conducted at River Cities Community Access in The Centralia Center Building

March, 2008 Candidate Forum      A portion of the candidates at the March, 2008 County Board Supervisor Candidates Forum. Candidate Forums such as this one can be watched on Channel 3 TV.

How to Danger Proof Your Child Forum

Danger Proof Your Child Forum      Welcoming Address at the "How to Danger Proof Your Child" Forum presented by The League of Women Voters and Midstate Technical College. This forum was presented in response to increased reports of child abuse and neglect.

Danger Proof Your Child Forum
     During the forum, Bill Voight (Wisconsin Rapids Police) presented "What Children Learn at School From Police" and Mike Vendola (Wis. Dept. of Justice) spoke on sexual abuse, signs parents should be watchful for and precautions parents can take.

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