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Join the League of Women Voters
of Wisconsin Rapids Area
You are welcome to join us and
we'd like to have you as a member

  • Membership in the League of Women Voters is open to everyone.
  • Voting members are citizens at least 18 years old who are enrolled in local or the national leagues.
  • They have all the benefits of League membership and may serve on League boards and be delegates to conventions.
  • Associate members are non-voting members who are under 18 years of age or non-citizens.
  • A member of a local League is automatically a member of the state and national League.

    LWV of the Wisconsin Rapids Area dues are $40.00 per year for each individual. A second person in the same household as a League member may join for $20.00 since only one set of printed materials need to be mailed to that home.

    There are many reasons for joining the League of Women Voters. Reasons run from wanting to help build a better world to meeting stimulating people, from solid education to getting acquainted in the community, from learning in depth about a particular public issue to simply having fun or getting out of the house in our long winters. Underlying these reasons are the basic attraction of the League: its purpose, its open membership operating under a nonpartisan policy and its democratic procedures.

    Phone us at 715-421-9646 to obtain additional information about league membership. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a new member.

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