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Running for Public Office

As a responsible citizen of of this community you should consider running for public offices and carry on the Tradition of Our Country’s Founders.

A strong democracy depends on engaged citizens and dedicated, competent, leaders willing to step forward and serve in public offices. No matter which public office – school board, town board, county board, city council, sheriff, or others – our public institutions become stronger when interested candidates offer voters choices as to who will represent them.

By running for public office, you help sustain the democracy envisioned by our country’s founders. They created a unique system that put governing in the hands of the people. This astonishing system works because people like you have the courage and determination to run for and hold public office. Serving in public office provides the opportunity to use your skills, talents, and experience to be a creative force for positive change in your community.

The Wisconsin Rapids Area League of Women Voters along with The UW Extension and The Community Foundation of Greater South Wood County sponsored an informational booklet titled "How and Why to Run for Elected Office" It provides answers to such common question as:

  • Am I eligible?
  • Which office?
  • Who can help me?
  • Should I run?
  • What's required?
  • - And many more questions -

This booklet has been compiled into a pdf file that you can examine and read by clicking the "BOOKLET" link at the bottom of this page. The booklet will open in a separate, new window.

(It should be noted that the file is 2.44 MB and may require a fairly lengthly download time depending on your computer setup and Internet connection. Also since the booklet is a pdf file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. Most people have it, but if the "BOOKLET" link does not work for you and you need the Reader, you can click Here to download and install it free.)

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