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School Voting Project Pictures

School Voting projecters      In 1992, with the cooperation of the schools, the League began their "Kids Vote" program that involved kindergartners to high school seniors. Later the Wisconsin Rapids schools instigated their own "Smart Vote" program with which the League helps.

School Voting project
     359,000 students were part of 'Kid's Vote 92" sponsored across the nation by the League of Women Voters. This has now been replaced by "Smart Vote" at local schools which is a local school district effort.

School Voting project      Programs like these give the children a good feel for the voting process and prepares and encourages them to become fully involved when they reach 18.

School Voting Project      Students from the Lincoln High School Smart Vote class role playing the presidential candidates from 2004. They prepared for their roles using resources furnished by League. The role play took place in the East Junior High School Little Theatre.

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