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Exchanging Ideas

Working Out Programs

Working Out programs

The League is truly a grassroots organization. The League's programs at every level consists of those governmental issues that members choose for concentrated study and action. At program making meetings members discuss their ideas for local, state and national programs. Final decisions on state and national programs are made by a vote of the delegates to the national and state conventions. The local program decisions are made by local league members at the annual meeting.

Once a study has been adopted, the board appoints a study committee. The committee proceeds to gather information on the study item. It is the committee's responsibility to present all sides of the issue to the members for their consideration at discussion meetings. The mainstay of League meetings is member discussion.

Before the League can act on an issue, members must agree in broad terms on various aspects of the issue.

Once member agreement is reached, national, state and local Leagues may take action in the following ways depending upon the level of government and the issues:

  • The League lobbies on issues of national concern. At the state and local levels Leagues also apply pressure to help shape policies in the public interest.

  • The League works with other organizations that support League action goals.

  • The League publishes and distributes issue-oriented material.

  • The League testifies at legislative and administrative hearings to assure citizen input in policy-making decisions.

  • The League monitors elections and other government activities.

  • The League goes to court to help clarify laws in the public interest.

  • The League observes at meetings of various governmental bodies.

Use the links on either the side or bottom of this page to read about our local, state and national studies and actions.

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